Gists are short snippets of code that can be created and shared instantly via GitHub.

People have taken to using them for all sorts of things anymore and browsing the public Gist Feed is a lot of fun.

However, people don't seem to realize that these are created public by default. That means anybody (like me) can see them.

I figured there would be at least a few people that accidentally create a Gist with their password in it, so I made this site.

Every second, I poll the GitHub Gists API, fetch the latest 100 Gists, and search them for the words "password" or "secret".

If I find something, I log it away and then re-render it to you on the homepage.

If you spot a plaintext password, click the Gist and comment on it!

Do not use the login credentials! This site is intended for developers to help other developers.

If people abuse this site, I will shut it down.

Technical Details

This site runs on NodeJS using Express with a SQLite database.

EJS is the templating engine.

Special thanks to gist-embed as that saved me a lot of time on the frontend.

I'm currently searching for the following words in Gists: "secret" and "password". Let me know if you think of others to add.

Finally, certain files don't render well with embedded Gists. As a result, I exclude the following file types: .md, .rst, .ipynb, .markdown.

Let me know if there's any feature requests by creating an issue here. I'll try to push the code at some point.

Thanks! -F